Mindful Closet Collective The Mindful Closet Collective is an initiative by four mindful, eco-conscious and sustainability-loving women to support the mindful consumption of fashion.

Come join us, revamp your wardrobe by swapping out your pre-loved clothes and accessories with others, form new friendships, all while learning from four very inspiring women who are making small changes and big impact, one piece of clothing at a time.

The Event will feature short talks by:
Saritha Hegde - Founder of The Friday Convent on ‘Sustainable Fashion’
Bhawna Rao - Founder of Encompass on ‘Sustainability in Travel’
Bhavna Toor - Founder of Shenomics along with Manisha Singh, Image Consultant & Head of Coaching at Shenomics on ‘#TheMindfulCloset’
So come, bring your pre-loved clothes, accessories, shoes and bags and enjoy some seriously good coffee from the Experiential Brew Bar at Kafnu - a collaborative space where creators come to work, learn, share, and create communities that make our world run in diverse ways.

We live in a world that offers us an abundance of choices, and it is very easy to fall into the trap of constantly consuming, and yet, never reaching a point where you feel fully satisfied with what or how much you have. Not only that, our private choices have public consequences. Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, and few brands consciously adhere to ethical practices in the making of clothes. In short, mindless consumption is neither good for the mind nor the planet.
Four years ago, Bhavna and Manisha from Shenomics, an organization that supports women in living and leading mindfully, began a journey of bringing a sense of mindfulness to their closets. It began with consciously reducing the amount of clothing they have, re-using and re-purposing what they already own, and then starting this year, going on a year-long shopping fast, and begin #theMindfulCloset challenge.
Separately, Saritha Hegde - Founder of The Friday Convent has been building a strong sisterhood of women who can support one another to grow personally and professionally, and together, consciously give back to the community in meaningful ways. While, Bhawna Rao, Founder of Encompass has been creating curated travel experiences for discriminating travellers, and bringing sustainability to travel.
Together, all four women, united by their support of mindful consumption, came together to spread this philosophy of mindful fashion to a much larger and wider community of like-minded eco fashionistas!

This is how The Mindful Closet Collective was born.

Come join our movement to bring a sense of mindfulness to your closet, your life and the world, one piece of clothing at a time